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Examples of website upgraded by 'Maof Dvora'.

Well, this site was begging for a website upgrade - and so I finally did it.

Classic Homeopathy

This site belongs to Michal Kraus Agami - Classic Homeopathy. Michal has come to me with the need to expand...
This website has taken considerable time to complete, due to various reasons, but it is finally live: Sifu Asaf's website, who is a gifted trainer for a martial art - Wing Tsun.


Well, that's it. My new website now is fully bilingual, as promised. It has taken just about as I have estimated, and I have learned...
This website, The Old Design Shop, belongs to a graphic artist in Canada, who defines herself as passionate about Photoshop, and...
The Minyan Mishpakhti in Kfar Vradim, the village we live in, is a community, affiliating itself with the Conservative Judaism movement in Israel and in the World.
A website I made for a customer, who is also one of the parents in the group which created "Siach" school, and even fills a key management role at our non-profit organization.

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