Flags of Israel and the US

Well, that’s it. My new website now is fully bilingual, as promised. It has taken just about as I have estimated, and I have learned…

Translating this site

Flags of Israel and the US

Now that I had finished my website, and after a discussion with a non-Israeli customer, I have reached the conclusion translating of this website to English is required.

My new website

Screenshot of this blog in previous design

Finally, after a long time of thinking about it, I have decided to make a website for myself on the subject of webdesign, and populate it with examples of the sites I made.

Local synagogue and community

Synagogue and community website

The Minyan Mishpakhti in Kfar Vradim, the village we live in, is a community, affiliating itself with the Conservative Judaism movement in Israel and in the World.

Marketing group of a green product

צילום מסוך אתר שיווקי של מוצר ירוק בעמוד הבית

This website was created a few years ago, before the “blog craze”, for a marketing group importing a green product from the US to Israel.