Websites designed

by 'Maof Dvora'.

Examples of sites with original design.

Well, this site was begging for a website upgrade - and so I finally did it.
Another website has come out, and this time - of a personal tours guide, I have become acquainted with Shay in several ways.
Dr. Margarita Birgin, a psychiatrist, has a home clinic where she sees patients privately. An Internet website may help people find her.

My new website

Finally, after a long time of thinking about it, I have decided to make a website for myself on the subject of webdesign, and populate it with examples of the sites I made.
This is the website for "Siach", an alternative school after the dialogue spirit. "Siach" is the school we have created in Klil, which my son attended for 7 years, and which is currently at Kibbutz Beit HaEmek in the Western Galilee.
The Minyan Mishpakhti in Kfar Vradim, the village we live in, is a community, affiliating itself with the Conservative Judaism movement in Israel and in the World.
This is another professional blog belonging to "Maof Dvora", dealing with my primary profession: Quality Assurance.
This is a website, which was created in 2000 for my mother with the aim to consolidate information on the art movement of Russian Avant-garde.
This website was created a few years ago, before the "blog craze", for a marketing group importing a green product from the US to Israel.
This website was built a few years ago, before the 'blogging craze' and its objective was providing the public with as much information as possible, in one place, on the health niche.

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