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Screenshot of this blog in previous design

My new website

Finally, after a long time of thinking about it, I have decided to make a website for myself on the subject of webdesign, and populate it with examples of the sites I made.
Screenshot of school website and internal network

School website network – intranet

This is the website for "Siach", an alternative school after the dialogue spirit. "Siach" is the school we have created in Klil, which my son attended for 7 years, and which is currently at Kibbutz Beit HaEmek in the Western Galilee.
Synagogue and community website

Local synagogue and community

The Minyan Mishpakhti in Kfar Vradim, the village we live in, is a community, affiliating itself with the Conservative Judaism movement in Israel and in the World.
Flags of Israel and the US
This is another professional blog belonging to "Maof Dvora", dealing with my primary profession: Quality Assurance.
צילום מסוך אתר אמנות

Informational website on art movement

This is a website, which was created in 2000 for my mother with the aim to consolidate information on the art movement of Russian Avant-garde.
Meditation blog Eranoot

Professional blog for Buddhist meditation

A website I made for a customer, who is also one of the parents in the group which created "Siach" school, and even fills a key management role at our non-profit organization.
צילום מסוך אתר שיווקי של מוצר ירוק בעמוד הבית

Marketing group of a green product

This website was created a few years ago, before the "blog craze", for a marketing group importing a green product from the US to Israel.
צילום מסוך אתר שיווקי עמוד ראשי

Info & marketing in the health niche

This website was built a few years ago, before the 'blogging craze' and its objective was providing the public with as much information as possible, in one place, on the health niche.

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