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Creating a website

If you don`t yet have a web presence, consider creating a website to showcase your service, make your work accessible, present your face to potential customers and more. It will place you on the map, to be easily found wherever one is looking.

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Upgrading a website

If you do have a website, but it is a few years old and outdated, you may wish to spruce it up with new features and a modern, up to date look. Perhaps you want to make it multilingual, add a blog or other functionality.

Icon WordPress platform
WordPress Platform

WordPress is simple to operate, modular, allowing to combine the different elements and functions customized for your unique site needs and preferences. You`ll learn to operate it on your own, without dependence or feeling helpless.

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Operating on all devices

Today’s world with its wide use of abundant technology requires the website to be responsive to whatever media device the user wishes to employ for viewing it. Lately, Search Engines such as Google have adopted this as a basic requirement.

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Connecting with your visitors

A website is the most convenient and efficient way to keep in touch with your visitors and customers. Create your own newsletters and marketing campaigns, share content on social media, announce sales and events and track your statistics.

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Maintenance & support

You shall learn to be independent, to simply and easily operate and maintain your own website. However, `Maof Dvora` does not abandon her customers after the project is completed and continues to support them, as necessary.

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A little about

Vera Kofyan

Vera Kofyan

I have begun designing websites about the year 2000, in the beginning – out of necessity, to help my mother, who was an artist, with her desire to create a website on Russian Avant-garde art. And, to my complete surprise, I found an affinity to the task. Since then, things have developed a lot, I have created numerous websites, and my abilities have developed with them.

Though this is not my primary occupation, I love doing it, as I simply choose to work with what I love doing. And in website design, I love taking site owners’ idea of what their site should be, the feeling and energy they would like to convey and turning it into something tangible, in color and picture and text. Into a virtual space where they may feel at home, where they want to visit every day themselves.

And then I love showing them how to operate all this magic on their own so that they wouldn’t be dependent on me forever. I love watching the faces of people who never before owned or operated a website light up when they publish content on their own for the first time.

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