Private tour guide

for tourists from CIS

June 8th, 2018

Another website has come out, and this time – of a personal tours guide.

I have become acquainted with Shay in several ways. In my village, Kfar Vradim, he is an active member of the Conservative Judaism community. I have come to know his family through the community and his children, who are active in the youth movement NOAM of the Masorti Movement.

Later on, there was another connection through the alternative dialogue school “Siach”, where I also teach. 

In addition to being a tours guide, Shay is a history and economics graduate, a history and civics teacher, and he also prepares teenagers for Bagrut. And if all that is not enough, he is also a vegan and a gifted cook.

Shay wanted this website to focus on him as a personal tours guide, offering tours for Russian-speaking people from the former USSR countries. His is unique, having lived in Israel most of his life, as well as in the fields of his education, which allows him to show the country in a different light.

The website was built using the Elementor site builder, and it is, naturally, in Russian.

Update from August 2019:

Shai decided that at the moment he shall not continue using this website, due to his more-than-full time employment as a teacher. I have placed it at a demo location. You may visit it here.