Classic Homeopathy

February 20th, 2018

This site belongs to Michal Kraus Agami – Classic Homeopathy.

I have known Michal and Asaf Agami for years. Michal is a very special homeopath and Asaf is a Wing Tsun (a martial art) trainer for adults and children. They live in the Western Galilee.

Michal has come to me with the need to expand her Classic Homeopathy treatment business beyond the people who already know her, and have come to her with no marketing, just by personal recommendation. She wanted to create an Internet presence for herself, partly to allow for a better, more effective way of personal recommendation, so people can send their friends to a web address, when they are looking for or considering homeopathic treatment.

Michal wanted a web space where she may convey information to potential patients about the way classic homeopathy may provide solutions for complaints common in families.

The beautiful mandala on the homepage was brought by Michal. She wished to have a clean minimalist but aesthetic website, while still allowing marketing and a clear, simple way to locate and contact her.

In addition, I have created a Facebook page for her.

You can visit her website here.