Happy Passover free

of misses - 2016

April 26th, 2016

Hello and Moadim LeSimcha, Happy Holidays!

This year, due to a technical challenge, I am posting my greetings a bit late.

Each holiday I like to learn something new about the holiday. And this year I was doing some research for an article, and I stumbled on a post in the Oketz blog, written by Almog Behar, who is an Israeli poet and writer, in his standing column “Rabbi Shimon Said”, and I have found something very interesting there on Passover.

Due to the requirement of knowing Hebrew to understand the citation, I shall translate and explain. But first – a bit of background for the explanation.

In Hebrew, the word chametz (which is the yeast-risen basis Jews are not to eat at Passover) comes from the same root as hachmatza, which means either going sour, or a miss – like an opportunity lost, something gone the wrong way, not as intended – a mistake.

The text sais something like this:

“Another thing that is in the elimination of the chametz is the elimination of the hachmatza, that every day we go and recall all the misses (mistakes) in our lives, and we are not willing to let go and forget any of these misses, and at Passover we accept that we must eliminate the chametz, that is forget the misses that become as the dust, and begin a new year in the month of Nissan, without the misses we keep carrying with us from last Nissan”. *

Indeed, we tend to spend a lot of time pondering the mistakes we have done, the things which have gone “wrong” in our lives, the opportunities we missed – which means, in focusing on the past. This habitual dwelling in the past cannot help us achieve a better future. In fact, quite the opposite: it may cause us to lose all faith in our own ability to do things right, to achieve our future goals, – or even prevent us from setting any goals for the future.

So I wish for all of you to begin this new year (till next Passover) by letting go of our misses and losses, and become free from ourselves: from our self-criticism, from our fears, from our self-destruction, to liberate ourselves for the year to come. To be free to accept the fact that we shall miss things again, that we may correct that which we would like corrected, and to give thanks to all the choices which brought us to this very moment in our lives. A moment, when we may make new choices, which need not be tied or in any way connected to those misses of the past.

This is the basis upon which I have designed the greeting card for you, see picture above the post.

Have a good holiday,


* The citation taken from the “Haoketz” blog, column “Rabbi Shimon said”, post: “Rabbi Shimon on Passover: forget the misses which would be as dust”. To see the post (Hebrew) click here.