Happy Valentine's

Day - 2016

February 13, 2016

It’s February already, and for me it’s the least favorite month in the whole year. I don’t really know why.

Perhaps it has to do with the time when I was growing up in Leningrad, where February was the last month of the winter, and it was… well, nasty weather: not cold enough for pleasant winter snow, more rains mixed with the snow, which made it wet and, therefore, dirty, more like whitish mud. You feet went through all this, with terrible sucking sounds and feel, and the fact that I never had any good, waterproof shoes might have had something to do with it.

Anyway, my dislike of February probably goes deep into the roots of my chidhood.

In Israel we celebrate the holiday of love in the summer, it usually falls in August, and it feels much more organic and harmonic to me.


At the same time, I understand, that for these same reasons February may just be the best time to do some such holiday. To remind people that soon, very soon, the spring is coming; that this “no longer winter not yet spring” is ending, just a little more patience. To place a festival right there for the second wind.

Also, romantic love may just enjoy that very nastiness outside and long evenings – and take it inside for some together time, some cuddling, some lovemaking, some warm drinks and thick blankets in front of fires…

So, go for it, have the best possible holiday of love, celebrate its inderscribable (and not for lack of trying) heady feeling of togetherness, of lightness and being filled with energy to overflowing. Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

I have made for you a special greeting card, see above, on top of the post.