November 25, 2015

To all my friends and followers who celebrate this holiday, and a day late, I would like to wish you all Happy Thanksgiving.

The pumpkin has become one of the most dominant symbols of Thanksgiving, and of the season.

And I would like to draw your attention to the fact, that in other seasons the thought of a pumpkin begs the association of Cinderella, and the fleeting and limited nature of the magical means of achieving her dreams. Her limitation of time and all other means, a symbol of lack.

But truly, the pumpkins are not a symbol of lack, but of great plenty, the plenty of the fall’s harvest.

When you look at pumpkins, may they always put you in mind of the true glorious plenty of nature. Remember there is more than enough of everything for all, who genuinely want to connect to it.

And it is not by chance that this symbol has become attached to the Thanksgiving holiday. It is a reminder to stop and feel thegratitude for the plenty in our lives, whatever the plenty is for. That is – as opposed to the common dissatisfaction with what we do NOT yet have; or feel that we ought to have and do not; or the envy of what the neighbor has which we do not… Being truly thankful for the blessings present in our lives right now will bring us more plenty in the future.

I have prepared a special greeting card above for you for this Holiday.