July 20th, 2015

Well, that’s it. My new website now is fully bilingual, as promised.

It has taken just about as I have estimated, and I have learned to work with a multi-lingual plugin new for me. What do I mean “learned to work with”? What’s the big deal, don’t I just translate? Well, what it means is this:

  • How to ensure┬áthat everything I have in Hebrew (the default language here) I also have in English?
  • How to synchronize the menus?
  • How to make the accessibility text behind the pictures show in the right language?
  • How to keep your sanity while monitoring changes and updates – that the translations stay updated, as well?
  • What to do with the galleries?
  • etc.

And all this, because every plugin has different operation logic, and I have hitherto worked with a different one, today outdated. In addition, naturally, I have learned to display correctly the elements specific to this theme, which have no such options. So I learned som PHP programming, and done a lot of searching, for I am not the first, thank God, to look for the same answers on making their site multilingual.