A blog upgrade

successfully finished

July 1st, 2015

I have just finished a blog upgrade I very much enjoyed doing.

It appears, that almost in every site I work on, I am challenged with some completely new tasks or tasks I have yet to encounter. A new way of displaying  information; a way of operation, fit for a specific kind of people; a new way of using familiar features; etc. This requires from me to constantly learn new plugins, themes and approaches with different characteristics, some I haven’t worked with before. It is fascinating!

In this case it was a specific manner of display chosen by the customer, laying out all the posts as thumbnails in several colums. She has even chosen the very specific theme she wanted to use, and purchased it. The theme works on the Genesis framework for creating and developing WordPress website in a certain way, a framework I haven’t come across before, but heard good things about.

The meaning that the developers have given to the concept of “theme support” is completely ridiculous, including only installation of the theme precisely as in the Demo… that’s it! Any other question – one is directed to contact the developers and pay them for “extra coding”, which is usually not even requested. However, I have overcome the momentary difficulties and the customer seems very pleased with the results, which is great!

Your are invited to visit her blog and see the amazing vitage images she shares with her followers and visitors.

And the school year has just ended, and time was freed for new and exciting projects 🙂