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April 11th 2015

This is another professional blog belonging to “Maof Dvora”, dealing with my primary profession: Quality Assurance.

Here I offer my consulting, coaching and training services,  professional courses, seminars and classes, and publish my articles on the subject. In future, the book I am writing on Quality Assurance which would showcase the way I view the field will also be presented here.

The website is active and fully bilingual. All the content is written at once in both English and Hebrew (not always translation, but bilingual writing).

The website is design is completely mine, as is most the content (except for some shared important articles I find in our field or complementary areas). The goal was to have a different design, powerful, unafraid of strong colors and contrasts, such as the ultimate one: black-and-white.

This website has been originally built and maintained on the Joomlah platform, which I found less intuitive than WordPress.  Thus, after Google announced a change in its policy with regards to mobile-friendliness, I have decided this summer, 2015, to move it to WordPress and make the design responsive. It was a most interesting challenge,  which I have overcome. Now the site is running live on WordPress and operating smoothly.

You can view it here.