Professional blog for
Buddhist meditation

April 11th, 2015

A website I made for a customer, who is also one of the parents in the group which created “Siach” school, and even fills a key management role at our non-profit organization.

Eran’s primary calling is Buddhist meditation, and ERANooT (the title is a play on words, eranoot in Hebrew means alertness) is his professional blog, which was old and outdated. It was also hosted at a platform, no longer suited for the blog’s needs, and required an upgrade and compete rebuilding in WordPress. This is like creating a whole new website, though the banner design was left unchanged from the original site.

The main aim when building and designing the site was simplicity and ease of operation, both for the customer and the visitor. Eran has many articles, links in different subjects, bot published and planned. He requested a current, upgraded look with modern features, such as simple embedding of video and audio files. He also required the simplest possible way of sending a regular newsletter to his list of subscribers.

Click here to view his blog.