Marketing group of
a green product

April 11th, 2015

This website was created a few years ago, before the “blog craze”, for a marketing group importing a green product from the US to Israel.

Eventually, the manufacturing and marketing US company decided not to open in Israel, so the website was left with incomplete content and is not active. I have uploaded a demo version of it now for the express purpose of showing the design here.

The site’s designed with the aim of creating a green, young, vibrant atmosphere, motivating people to join and act. There are four general spheres of interest, people may find connected to: from the point of view of product itself; the environmental involvement and caring; the business ans compensation side; or somewhere general, as yet undefined. Each of these come in a slightly different color theme: blue – for general pages; yellow – for product pages; green – for environment information; orange – for business opportunity. The colors were chosen according to Feng Shui energy principles. The lines are unpredictable but flowing. The product presence is the only strong and unchanging element in all the website pages.

The whole website on all its elements, was created by me, except for the logo and the bottle, belonging to the US company. Naturally, it is in Hebrew, but was initially intended to operate in three languages (Hebrew, English and Russian), at least, perhaps, also in Arabic.

Click here to go to the demo website (some internal links and functions will not work, as the site is not fully operational).