Local synagogue

and community

April 11th, 2015

The Minyan Mishpakhti in Kfar Vradim, the village we live in, is a community, affiliating itself with the Conservative Judaism movement in Israel and in the World.

The Minyan Mishpakhti has its own synagogue, and the community children participate in the Conservative Judaism Youth movement, NOAM.

When the time for my son’s Bar Mitzvah grew close, we have joined this community as members, and fell in love with the people and the atmosphere of easy, free, accepting and egalitarian Judaism. Many community members have chosen to share in our celebration with such support and love, and made my son’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony so touching and memorable. Afterwards, I have been thinking of how I may give back to the community, in my own way.

The community had a website built a few years back, but it was so outdated, made on an unfriendly platform which not a single member could operate, there was no contact with the people who built it in the first place, no support. It just sat there, useless and rather ugly. So I decided to redesign and rebuild it on WordPress platform, pro bono, as a service for the community, and I keep supporting it, as needed, on an ongoing basis.

The aim here was mainly simplicity of operation, so the community members in charge of operating and maintaining it, all volunteers, could do so simply and easily, even if they are very computer-literate and understand little about internet and webdesign. All Google tools which were already in use are utilized here, such as Picasa-web albums, Google mail, Google groups, and Calendar. Simple and quick publishing of mostly short informative posts and their attractive display, to be sent in a Newsletter on a weekly basis with almost a single click of a button. Display of picture albums from community events, holidays, NOAM activities etc. in an attractive way, to visually showcase the warm and inviting experience of this community life.

In addition, the community requested that the website be made bilingual, in Hebrew and English, to allow publishing English content planned in the future. At the moment not all pages have English content, and the News blog is mostly in Hebrew, but some are translated, and the website is fully operational in both languages. The dashboard, as well, may easily switch from Hebrew to English, so that those who find it easier to operate WordPress in English may do so.

Click here to visit and browse the website.