Info & marketing
in the health niche

April 11th, 2015

This website was built a few years ago, before the “blogging craze”‘ and its objective was providing the public with as much information as possible, in one place, on the health niche.

It is no longer active, so there are only pictures of it, no direct link.

, including physiological information and scientific research, under sub-division to different areas (categories): nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyle, weight management, and food for the soul. In addition, it had recommendations and reviews of certain good working books and programs for each category.

The information is niche-specific, and the website is mixed, with some offering sound free content and some non-aggressive way marketing of products.It has a colorful picture-rich dynamic design, and each category is given under a different color scheme. Each category has clear links to pages of information in the important topics in its area, recommendations, explanations etc. Along the page side external ads were placed by third parties (Google or partners).

The site was designed and illustrated in a strongly visual manner, allowing to receive information without the sense of being overwhelmed by great amounts of text. The color schemes were chosen according to Feng Shui approach. and intended to give off a warm welcoming atmosphere. The illustrations were intended to evoke positive feelings and calm hidden fears, assisting in processing the information. The sub-topics of the top categories were paginated, to minimize scrolling.

Here are examples of some pages from the website (you may flip between pictures).